About us


Established: 1993; 2018 changed name from J & Maya to JMband

Our vision: is to become an innovative leader in the "labeling and access control" sector.

Our position: is to meet and exceed our customers' expectations by building trust, delivering high quality goods, offering low prices and maintaining a high standard of service in a good way. "Small customers" are just as important to us as our "big customers".

Printing machines and products: we have our own printing machines for printing on Tyvek ® paper, plastic and textile bracelets as well as a unique concept by Online designers. We also carry some complementary products such as UV inks for access control (own production), tickets, tokens, lanyard neck bands, tags, ironing marks and much more.

Ethics: We are very conscious of the origin of the goods and raw materials we use. Great efforts are being made to visit our most important suppliers and observe working conditions. We work hard to find alternative suppliers when our standards are not met.

Environment: We strive to minimize damage to the environment by adding many environmentally friendly alternative products. We try as much as we can to use environmentally friendly inks during printing, recycle packaging that we get from our suppliers and use solar energy as much as possible for the drying process.

Charity: Over the years, we have supported many charitable events with bracelets. We have now decided to limit our support to non-profit fundraising events to combat disease, organizations that support people with disabilities, organizations that support children in need, and events related to natural disasters. We do not normally support all other types of events. Request for sponsorship should be at least 30 days before the expected delivery date and our logo and link should be added to the sponsors website at least 30 days before the event.

History: JMband started by dealing with Velcro ® Strips with text & logo that can be attached to hats or can be used as bracelets. When a customer asked us to produce textile bracelets for access control for an event, we discovered the "world of control bracelets", and decided to specialize in labeling and access control.

Trade mode: wholesale, web-shop

CVR No .: 41840943

Head office address: Sofienlystvej 6; 8340 Malling; Denmark.